2014 Computer Bridge Champion
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The Shark Bridge Company


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iPad 5th gen or newer / iPhone 5s or newer, iOS 11 or newer

Mac (Late 2009 or newer with macOS 10.13.6 or newer)

Windows 10

Shark Bridge is the most complete bridge game for your iPad, iPhone, Mac and Windows computers. In 2006 Shark Bridge introduced itself to the world of computer bridge games. In 2009 and 2010 it won the individual event at World Computer Bridge Championship, in 2011 and 2014 Shark won the team event at the World Computer Bridge Championship. The competitive success is credited to the human like style of play. That same human like play, makes it very enjoyable and challenging practice companion. Shark Bridge is for the casual player as well as the experts. John Norris is semi-professional bridge player and Danish bridge champion, he created Shark Bridge to practice against a strong computer robots. Join us and help the Shark grow.


Shark Bridge offers:
  • Unlimited random hands
  • 16 boards Daily Bridge Tournament
  • 32 WBF, ACBL and European bridge events with thousands of boards to play and study
  • Hints and tips in the auction and play
  • Personal Deal Library to collect and play deals
  • Deal exchange via Email
  • Advanced Deal Generator and Deal Analysis
  • Par Contract calculator for every hand you play
  • List of the last 50 hands you played
  • Pleasant and easy on the eyes user interface for hours of fun
  • Dedicated support team of bridge enthusiasts
Play online with friends and foes:
  • Create public or private tables
  • Free robots automatically fill in for empty seats
  • Manage your friends list
  • Manage robot's skill and system
  • Invite players to your table
Bidding Systems:
  • Standard American 5 card majors
  • 2/1 Game Force
  • Shark 5 card majors
  • English Acol
  • Nya Bridgeskolan
  • Each system can be customized with popular and not so popular conventions

Pricing Plans

Bridge Enthusiast $19 (one time):
  • Includes 1 year of VIP subscription
  • Unlimited random hands
  • 9 WBF,ACBL and European bridge tournaments from 2014,2013,2011
  • Save deals to your Personal Deal Library
  • Email bridge hands from your Personal Deal Library
  • Basic Online Bridge Play : create, join and kibitz at any table
  • Deal Analysis
VIP subscription $25/year:
  • Daily tournament with 16 boards, compare your skill with the rest of our VIP members. Study the deals from any past tournament.
  • 32 WBF, ACBL and European bridge tournaments from recent years including 2019. More are in the works.
  • VIP online play : manage friends, block players, invite players
  • Par Contract Analyzer
  • Personal Deal Library : all saved deals are instantly available to all of your devices ( Windows not included)
  • Advanced Deal Generator
  • Highest priority for feature requests